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MR MR Hockey Showcase
April 27-29, 2018


Showcase Details

Providing Elite Players an Opportunity

The MR MR Hockey Showcase is an opportunity for hockey players to showcase their skills in the presence of 
numerous College and Junior Scouts and Coaches.  Once selected, the players will be placed on to a team that will
play in at least 3 games over the weekend. You have the possibility of playing an All-Star Game on Sunday.

The cost for the MR MR Hockey Showcase  $330.00 *
($30.00 fee for all returned items)

Birth years 1997-2002

April 28-30, 2017

* Showcase fee is non-refundable

Madison Ice Arena

Madison Ice Arena

 725 Forward Drive

 Madison, WI 53711

Please click for your driving directions

Why the MR MR Hockey Showcase?

In the just the last couple of years over 100 players have landed on Junior or College Teams and/or
moved up a level of hockey. Please check out our recent alums on the Home Page!!!

Quality not Quantity is our Motto !

  • One rink, with the games conveniently spaced apart.
  • Evaluators can give every player a real good "look".
  • Each team will be made up of a maximum of 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 3 goalies.  (Plenty of ice time)
  • Three 22 minute periods will be played per game
  • There will be an ice cut every two periods
  • There will be a five player "shootout" at the conclusion of each period on the goalies that just played 
  • Teams will play 5 on 5 throughout game unless there is a penalty or penalties 
  • All penalties will result in powerplay opportunities and time served
  • Minor Penalties will be 3:00....Major Penalties will be 7:00
  • Fighting penalties will be 12:00

If you are looking to move on to the next level- then this will be an
excellent opportunity.